Amy Jo Johnson (1970): Actress who starred on the WB smash hit “Felicity” from 1998 to 2000. As a child, Johnson dreamed of going to the Olympics as a member of the Gymnastics team. For ten years Johnson trained and competed in international competitions, but never reached the level of excellence she strived for. Still, Johnson’s athletic ability ended up being put to good use when she was cast as the karate kicking Pink Ranger on the popular “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” series. In addition to playing Julie Emerick on “Felicity,” Johnson starred in the VH-1 original movie “Sweetwater.”

Matthew Sweet (1964): Musician who made his mark on the music scene in 1991 with his pop/punk rock album “Girlfriend.” Sweet began playing music in high school, and joined the band “Oh-OK” while attending the University of Georgia. Sweet caught the attention of record executives when he was shopping his demo, “Sound Castles,” in 1984. The album, which was both written and produced by Sweet, landed him a recording contract. Sweet went on to release “Inside” (1986) and “Earth” (1989), but it was “Girlfriend” that went gold. “Girlfriend” spawned the hit singles “Divine Intervention,” “The Ugly Truth” and “Time Capsule.” Sweet has since released “Altered Beast” (1993), “100% Fun” (1995) and “In Reverse” in 1999.

Elisabeth Shue (1963): Actress who was everybody’s favorite “girl next door” until she completely floored the critics with her stellar performance as a hooker in the 1995 film, Leaving Las Vegas. Shue began her acting career in college, starring in a string of commercials for “Burger King,” “Hellmann’s Mayonnaise” and “DeBeers diamonds.” In 1984, Shue landed a role in her first feature film, The Karate Kid. Shue’s talent continued to win her roles in films including Adventure’s in Babysitting (1987), Cocktail (1988), Soapdish (1991) and The Marrying Man (1991). In 1995, Shue was recognized with a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her role as Sera in Leaving Las Vegas, and has since gone on to heat up the big screen in The Saint (1997) and Palmetto (1998). More recently, Shue appeared in Hollow Man (2000) and lent her voice as narrator for the film Tuck Everlasting in 2002.

Britt Ekland (1942): Actress who rose to fame as a “Bond girl” in the 1973 flick The Man With the Golden Gun. Ekland began her career starring in Italian films, but made the move to American pictures after marrying Peter Sellers. Ekland co-starred with her husband in both After the Fox (1966) and The Bobo (1967). Breaking out on her own in the late ‘60s, Ekland appeared on the silver screen in A Time for Loving (1971), The Wicker Man (1973), High Velocity (1973), Some Like it Cool (1978) and Scandal in 1989.

Carole Lombard (1908): Actress who made her debut on the silver screen at the age of 12 in A Perfect Crime. Lombard spent the early stages of her career starring in Westerns and comedies, and went on to become one of the most sought after actresses of the ‘30s. Lombard gave acclaimed performances in We’re Not Dressing (1934), Twentieth Century (1934), Rumba (1935), Love Before Breakfast (1936), Fools for Scandal (1938) and Made for Each Other (1939). Lombard’s career was cut short when she was tragically killed in a plane crash in 1942.