Sarah Chalke (1976): Actress currently starring in the NBC hit comedy, "Scrubs" as Elliot Reid, medical intern. Chalke burst onto the TV scene when she stepped into the role of Becky on the long-running sitcom, "Rosanne," for four seasons (1993-97). The actresses were switched without any script changes, much like what happened with the character of Darren on "Bewitched." Chalke has starred in television movies including "Dying to Belong" (1997), "Our Mother’s Murder" (1997) and "All Shook Up" (1999) and "Cinderella: Single Again" in 2000.

Paul Reubens (1952): Actor who became one of America’s most popular TV icons in the 1980s, playing Pee-Wee Herman. In addition to the television show "Pee-Wee’s Playhouse," Reubens - born Paul Rubenfeld - starred in two Pee-Wee films, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (1985) and Big Top Pee-Wee (1988). (Unfortunately, Reubens reputation suffered dramatically when he was arrested as part of 1991 police sting operation in an adult movie theater, and then in 2002 was arrested for a misdemeanor count of possesion of child pornography.) Reubens has starred in films including Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992), Matilda (1996), Buddy (1997), Mystery Men (1999) and Blow in 2001. He played himself in this year's Mayor of Sunset Strip.

Barbara Bach (1947): Actress who is a member of the elite group of starlets who have played "Bond Girls." Bach began her film career in the ‘70s in Itlay. She did not make her first English language film until 1975’s Wolf Larson. Then in 1977, Bach landed a leading role in the 007 flick, The Spy Who Loved Me, and became the favorite pin-up girl of men across the country. Bach has since appeared in Screamers (1980), The Unseen (1981), Princess Daisy (1983) and Give My Regards to Broad Street in 1984.

Tuesday Weld (1943): Actress who was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1977 for Looking for Mr. Goodbar. Weld began modeling as a child to help support her family, and endured a lot of stress trying to keep her family financially afloat. In 1956, Weld made her big screen debut in Rock, Rock, Rock, and continued to appear in films including Because They’re Young (1960), Reflections of Murder (1974), Who’ll Stop the Rain (1978), Madame X (1981), Author! Author! (1982) and Once Upon a Time in America (1984). More recently she has appeared in 1996's Feeling Minnesota and the Ethan Hawke-directed Chelsea Walls (2001).

Tommy Sands (1937): Actor who starred in the classic film Babes in Toyland. Sands began acting at age eleven, but spent the early part of his career recording albums. He was marketed as "the next Elvis Presley," but failed to make it big in the music biz - perhaps due in part to Frank Sinatra. Sands was married to Nancy Sinatra in 1960, but the two divorced in 1965. After the divorce, Frank is said to have helped ensure that Sands' music career could only head in one direction - down. Tommy began his film career in the late 1950s and appeared in Mardi Gras (1958), Sing, Boy, Sing (1958), Love in a Goldfish Bowl (1961), None But the Brave (1965) and The Violent Ones in 1967.