1797 "Old Ironsides", the U.S. Navy Frigate, was launched in Boston Harbor.
1858 The Can-Can was performed for the first time in Paris.
1917 The first U.S. soldiers entered combat during World War I, near Nancy, France.
1944 The German city of Aachen was captured by U.S. troops during World War II.
1945 Women in France were allowed to vote for the first time.
1959 The Guggenheim Museum was opened to the public in New York. The building was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
1967 Thousands of demonstrators marched in Washington, DC, in opposition to the Vietnam War.
1991 Jesse Turner, an American hostage in Lebanon, was released after nearly five years of being imprisoned.
1998 68 people were arrested in Indonesia for the killing spree that left nine suspected murderers dead.
1998 Cancer specialist, Dr. Jane Henney, became the FDA's first female commissioner.