1846 Inventor, George Westinghouse, was born. He was the founder of Westinghouse Electric Company and invented railway braking systems.
1847 Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte was first published in London.
1928 War-torn China was reunited under the Nationalist leader, Chiang Kai-Shek.
1939 Adolf Hitler denied any intention to wage war against Britain and France in an address to Reichstag.
1949 Iva Toguri D'Aquino was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined $10,000 for war crimes. The conviction was for being Japanese wartime broadcaster "Tokyo Rose."
1961 U.S. President John F. Kennedy advised American families to build or buy bomb shelters to protect them in the event of a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union.
1973 Egypt and Syria attacked Israel in an attempt to win back territory that had been lost in the third Arab-Israel war. Support for Israel led to a devastating oil embargo against many nations including the U.S. and Great Britain on October 17, 1973. The war lasted 2 weeks.
1979 Pope John Paul II became the first pontiff to visit the White House.
1981 Egyptian president Anwar-el Sadat was assassinated at a military rally in Cairo. Muslim extremists were responsible the other eight deaths that occurred during the attack. Hosni Mubarak became president.
1989 Two workers for the Swiss Red Cross were kidnapped by terrorists in Lebanon.
1991 Elizabeth Taylor married Larry Fortensky. The ceremony was held at Michael Jackson's estate near Los Angeles, CA. It was Taylor's 8th marriage and Fortensky's 3rd.
1991 Cable News Network aired a videotape of American hostage, Terry Anderson, that had been made in Beirut, Lebanon.
1992 Ross Perot appeared in his first paid broadcast on CBS-TV after entering the U.S. presidential race.
1998 Imelda Marcos was acquitted by the Philippine Supreme Court on the charge of graft. The ruling overturned the guilty verdict that had been found in 1993.