The power of acceptance
Sometimes the best way to free yourself from a burden is to accept it. Much of the destructive essence of any burdensome situation comes from fighting against it. Once you stop fighting, you can start progressing.

Certainly if there is a threat you protect yourself against it. But there is no point in fighting against what already is. When you accept the situation, that is the starting point at which you begin to make the most of it. When you can go beyond acceptance into sincere gratitude, you take on a powerful positive momentum.

In short, accept what is, then find something positive about it. Even the most desperate situation has its positive aspects and possibilities. You'll uncover them only after you've accepted that the situation exists. Acceptance is not surrender. It is the recognition of reality. By clearly seeing what is, by acknowledging and even being grateful, you can move things forward toward the way you would like them to be.

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