You can expect it
All the things you hope to become, all the things you would like to accomplish, all the things you plan to do, don't carry much weight in comparison to those things you actually expect to become, to accomplish and to do. The best crafted plans are meaningless unless you sincerely expect to follow through on them. The most magnificent dreams will elude you until you can truly and confidently expect to achieve them.

You will have what you expect to have. You will achieve what you expect to achieve. You will be the person you expect yourself to be. Your expectations for this day, this year, this life will significantly impact you outcomes. Raise your expectations, and you raise the quality of your life.

Can you expect great things for yourself? Yes, indeed you can. Will you? That is completely up to you.
Copyright Ralph S. Marston, Jr. Used by permission. From The Daily Motivator® at